Book Reviews

Pragmatic Neuroethics: Improving Treatment and Understadning of the Mind-Brain (Racine, Eric, MIT Press, 2010)

Pragmatic NeuroethicsThis book, which has an accessible style, is a an important contribution to neuroethics, since it provides a good review of the different and divergent perspectives within neuroethics, and stresses the importance of a perspective on neuroethics that encourages reflection, action, and research towards meeting the day-to-day suffering and distress that different neuro-related disorders bring for individuals and society in general.

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NeuroethicsAn Introduction with Readings (Farah, Martha (Ed.), MIT Press, 2010)

NeuroethicsThe book compromises six different sections, which represent the areas that the author believes are the most socially relevant and intellectually challenging of neuroethics. With the exception of the first section, the chapter that precedes each set of readings provides (1) the relevant context needed for understanding the key ethical and social issues to be discussed in the readings; (2) an overview of the readings clarifying the relations among the issues; (3) a selection of the cross-cutting issues mentioned in the readings; and (4) a section of questions for discussion.

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Other book reviews

Spranger, Tade M. (ed.), International Neurolaw. A Comparative Analysis. Berlin, Springer, 2012.

Baertschi, Bernard, La neuroéthique. Ce que les neurosciences font à nos conceptions morales. Paris, Editions La Découverte, 2009.

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